Soomer, „The bike feels good and there is no stress“


There is no point in looking for drowsy clanking of wooden clogs in the Netherlands the upcoming weekend; it will be drowned out by the scream of engines. Assen Racing Track will host the 5th round of World Championship races for motorbikes and Hannes Soomer (Kallio Racing, Yamaha) will take part in World SSP class.

Absolutely crazy racing is to be expected in this class since two guys beat the standing track record already on Friday in free practice. Soomer was looking for the right driving pattern and perfect settings for the bike, and came in 6th in the first practice and 9th on the second, facing tomorrow's qualification with a peaceful mind.

„The bike is good and there is no stress,“ said Hannes. „We started out just like in Misano, that is I started with the softest tyre and rode like I would ride at a race – 12 laps in one go. In the second session we were looking for the perfect settings. We were sometimes right, sometimes not, but the last lap with worn tyres felt the best.“

The bike is fine and what is special, different in Assen, is coming back to Hannes. „There is no point in going crazy on this track, accelerating like a madman and braking late. You must be smooth, follow the flow, start accelerating a bit sooner, the same with braking, not breaking yourself or the bike,“ said the Kallio Racing representative.

„I feel good as we face tomorrow,“ Hannes continues. „We saved our tyres and I have two hard rear tyres for qualification. Settings are good and the man has room for development. Competitors are very strong and Dominique Aegerter (Ten Kate Racing Yamaha) is crazy fast, all the rest can be caught.“