Soomer: “I Had To Go Through Hell For The Future!”


“I never thought it was going to be this hard,” said Hannes Soomer on Sunday after the second race. It wasn’t just about the laps he just finished, rather the whole weekend was tough. “I actually thought about cutting this round short on Friday, but finally decided to see it through. First of all to speed up my recovery, to shock my body into doing what it was capable of in July.”

“My bike is good and I could ride it a lot faster if my physical body would be up to the task,” he continued. “Pain wasn’t so much of an issue, painkillers let me ride all right, but I was physically exhausted,” said the Kallio Racing rider. “My leg has been in a cast for a month, so riding was out of the question for most of the time and arms alone are not enough to make the bike turn as necessary.”

It was painfully obvious on Sunday’s race where the fast group was just within his reach, but Hannes could not catch up with them. “Magny-Cours is trying for men in their top form, so I really did not have a chance,” said Hannes at the pit after the race. “I had just enough power for the first start and although both races were cut short I was very tired by the 2nd race.”

In spite of it all he managed to bring in a point from France and has much higher expectations for Spain, “I have a week to train and practice with more intensity, a week to get better, and Barcelona track is not as physically demanding as Magny-Cours. I am hungry for some proper racing, and last weekend was perfect since my injured foot got better with every race.”