Hannes Soomer received the Best Motorcycle Sportsman of 2020 Award


Hannes Soomer (Kallio Racing, Yamaha), who took the podium three times this year at the World Supersport Championships, was voted as the best motorcycle sportsman in Estonia in 2020.

The award for the best motorcycle sportsman in Estonia is named after the legendary 1950s-1960s circuit racer Endel Kiisa, and Kiisa handed over the cup to Soomer personally in an event in the end of November.

56 years ago, in 1964, Kiisa was the first and so far the only Estonian to take third place in the 350cc class at the Imatra GP in Finland. Hannes Soomer managed to repeat the same achievement three times this year.

At the end of November, two champions and their competition bikes — Vostok S-360 (VNII Motoprom) and Yamaha R6 Supersport (Kallio Racing Team) — met at the MOMU Museum of Motorsport at the season-ending of the Estonian Motorcycling Federation.

Hannes Soomer's race bike with his riding gear will remain on display at the MOMU in Turba for another month. More information at www.momu.ee

Hannes Soomer is also a candidate for the best athlete of the year in Estonia. You can vote until December 20 on the website of the Estonian Olympic Committee: aastasportlane.eok.ee/ The winner will be announced on January 3, 2021.