Hannes Soomer completed the first pre-season test in Spain


Hannes Soomer (Kallio Racing, Yamaha) finished his first pre-season test in Barcelona yesterday. The Estonian participating in the FIM Supersport World Championship was the ninth fastest on the track.

“It's very good to be back on the bike after a long winter and work with the team. I am satisfied with the speed and everything else,” said Soomer, who was ninth in two the two days' combined result. "I have a clear idea of what is missing and what needs to be improved to be even faster." In particular, he sees room for improvement in making the motorcycle easier to get through the middle section of the corners.

The test did not go entirely without any problems. Soomer said that on the first day, it was planned to warm up with the training bike after the winter break, but after four laps the engine malfunctioned. "It was not planned to take out the race bike so early and at the beginning, it took quite a while to smooth some small issues on that one," said Soomer, who could only start making fast laps on Monday evening and took the tenth best time. On Tuesday morning, Soomer was fourth and ninth in the evening, and also in the two days combined result.

"It's been a pretty long break since I was last on track," Soomer admitted. After the World Championship season, which ended in late autumn, he has been training at home at Audruring in suitable weather and has also spent some time riding on ice. "You have to sleep for a few nights before the bike is back in your hand as it was before."

In the Supersport class, the fastest time in Barcelona was shown by Dominique Aegerter (Ten Kate Racing Yamaha) from Switzerland, who is a rookie in the series, of whom Soomer was 1.275 seconds slower.

The next test will take place in a week in Aragon, Spain, and the 13-stage World Championship series will start on May 21 in the same place.

Video: http://media.voog.com/0000/0042/0902/files/VIDEO-2021-03-31-10-27-18.mp4