Soomer, „That's not even funny any more“


This weekend, the carousel of the FIM Supersport World Championship will visit South America and Argentina not only for eating grilled meat or honing tango skills. Of course, there is a winner to be determined as well, and in the penultimate round of the season, Hannes Soomer, who earned P12 in the qualification, finished the first race on P12, losing 0.7 seconds to the winner in his best lap.

"We are all good in terms of settings this time," said Hannes after the first race. "We understand what we do, when we make something better or worse. It's just that it's not very useful because with the setup we can't get the bike any faster. Today, during the race, I had to push again with riders who usually fight behind my back and I couldn't catch anyone's slipstream when I was accelerating. NOT ANYONE'S!”

"It's not even funny anymore, because in just one flat turn, I lose more than half a second during a long exit, which is too much to make up for by just choosing the line or braking later. For Sunday's race, we will replace the engine, and then it will become clear whether the power unit that was discarded was also a source of frustration in the earlier rounds.”