Soomer: „I Have a Pirate’s Wooden Leg with Me”


Hannes Soomer starts this weekend on the 8th round of World Supersport Series for motorbikes in Magny-Cours, France. Although the crash the Netherlands and resulting injuries meant he had to miss two previous rounds the Kallio Racing biker is back in the saddle and will try to get some points from this race. “The injured foot is not completely healed, so we are not having any major expectations,” said Hannes after practices. “But I didn’t come here to give up, and I definitely want to earn some points, the more the better.”

At the qualification race on Saturday he clocked 1.42,135 sec, losing 1.8 seconds to the best. “One of my legs feels like it was borrowed from a pirate - I can lean on it, but it does not really do what it is supposed to do,” said Hannes, coming off the race. “I can lean on my heel, but not on my toes or the front part of my foot. Therefore I am losing time in faster curves since I can not lead the bike with my body as one is supposed to do. I cannot count on support from foot pegs, I need to use my arms and shoulders much more to manage the bike, and this takes some learning. And practice.”

He therefore sees the French round more like a demanding test drive. “I am focused on testing myself and the bike, and even if we do not win any points we will be back wiser and with a bike that is easier to drive. These days have been eye-opening; only now do I realise how much power there needs to be in my legs and feet to drive fast, and how hard it is to show these speeds when that option is not available. But we did not come here to whine and my “pirate’s leg” is stronger every day. Let’s see what happens at the races!”