Soomer finished the last race of the season in P8


"Today I was able to catch the leaders, but not fight them," said Hannes Soomer (Kallio Racing, Yamaha), who came in eighth in the last race of the WSSP season on the Estoril circuit in Portugal today.

The start of the spectacularly tense race went well for Soomer, he rose from P13 to P8 already on the first lap, but then dropped by one place to P9 and a few laps later to P10. However, the differences between the top ten riders in today's race were minute. All competitors pushed to the last meters of the season at the limit of their abilities to finish in the best possible place. Soomer also picked up three positions in the last eight laps, his fastest lap time during the race was beaten only by his teammate Isaac Vinales, and rose to P7. In the chicane of the last sector of the last lap, Soomer made a mistake, Manuel Gonzales, who was right behind him, got too close, Gonzales had a better grip and got past, Soomer finished eighth.

"The last sector of the track remained my weakest point in Estoril. We made one small change today, but it turned out that it made my strengths stronger, but it didn't fix the weak spot,” said Soomer. "The bike was fast, but the quick transitions and changes of direction, which are especially important in the last sector, were difficult for me during the whole race." He added that although he was eighth in the race, he lost only 3.576 seconds to winner Lucas Mahias. "Today I was able to catch the leaders, but not fight them. We still need to find some small details, the last tenths of a second, to be able to do that.”

"The end of the season and the last two rounds were enjoyable for me, the whole team, and everyone else," Soomer said in a brief summary of the season. "I thank all the supporters and fans who are helping me on this journey."

Soomer finished the 2020 FIM Supersport World Championship series ninth with 115 points.

Photo: sp8images