Soomer at Imola: „Electronic problem still a mystery, did not get a perfect lap due to a riding mistake“


Hannes Soomer (MPM WILSport Racedays) starts for tomorrow's 5th World SSP round in Imola from P11.

FP3 this morning was partly spent on fixing the bike, said Soomer. Although the team was working until 3 AM last night, they could not find the electronic problem that is causing errors with the Honda's neutral gear. Also, the bike was stalling a couple of times during FP3 for some reason. Soomer's result in FP3 was 17th, he lost 2,425 seconds to Federico Caricasulo, who had the fastest lap.

Fortunately for Soomer, in Superpole the bike was not stalling any more. „My perfect lap was cancelled due to a riding error, I exceeded the track limits,“ Soomer admitted. „The time would have been around 1'51 minutes, close to the fast riders.“

Soomer said that the suspension settings for tomorrow are quite settled and tonight the team will put in an effort to solve the electronic problems. The weather forecast for tomorrow's race is heavy rain and strong wind. „This could be an advantage for the more technical riders, but it also makes the track very unpredictable,“ said Soomer. „Imola is not your modern circuit where the turns have been laid down with a ruler on paper. Come what may, we will give our best tomorrow.“