Soomer, “An awful weekend, my deepest condolences to Vinales's family”


Spain is usually all about sunshine and joy, but today is a day for mourning at Jerez race track since racing turned out to be fatal for another young rider.

Dean Berta Vinales fell in the first race of World SSP300 and died later from his injuries. “Any case of a rider dying is one too much,” said Hannes Soomer, “but this season is truly depressing - Dean is already a third one! A horrible weekend, my deepest condolences to his family.” All the following starts were cancelled on Saturday.

The tenth round of Superbike World Championship has been no sunshine and roses for Kallio Racing riders either - the team is still looking for better grip on the track. “We hit a dead end yesterday - none of the ideas worked and it seemed to be the same for others as well. So we changed the wheelbase radically and it felt much better in qualifications. P15 is not really what I dream of but I caught up with Gonzales towards the end and that showed me where I am losing. We’ll keep the wheelbase, but suspension will have to be much more firm.”