Hannes: „We want to find a better feel and speed today!“


Hannes Soomer (MPM WILSport Racedays) was 12th in yesterday's Free Practice sessions at the final Round of World SSP Championship in Losail, Qatar.

„It was quite a normal day,“ Soomer commented the two Free Practice sessions that took place on Thursday. In FP1 he was 1.482 and in FP2 1.995 seconds slower than the fastest rider Jules Cluzel (GMT94 Yamaha). „At the moment it seems that we are far from our full potential. I am not quite able to use mine and the Honda's biggest advantage, the corner entering speed. We will make some adjustments today for that and if we get a better feel, the speed will also follow.“

It is painfully hot in Doha at the moment - 37 degrees during the day outside and the humidity of the air is more than 70%. The riders can find a bit of cool in pitline, in the boxes it is „just“ 24 degrees warm. The heat is the reason why the race is partly held during night time when the temperature is a bit more tolerable. This, on the other hand means that they have to race in artificial light. The riders even have two trajectories on the track – one that they use in daylight and the other one racing under the floodlights.

The Losail track also has one long straight like there was at the Round in Argentina, but luckily for Soomer here it does not go uphill. At the same time, Losail also has a number of technical, high-speed cornering possibilities similar to the Pärnu auto24ring track, which are well suited to Soomer.