Hannes starts tomorrow from the 10th position


Hannes Soomer (MPM WILSport Racedays) starts from the 10th position tomorrow for the third WSSP round in Aragon.

„In the morning we were moving in the wrong direction with the setup,“ Soomer commented his 13th result in FP 3. „In the Superpole the situation was much better. Still, in the last sector the difference with the fastest riders was 0.6 seconds. Even the Crew Chief Andrea Ballerini said that in the sectors where there are turns, we have no problems.“ But Aragon is not such a circuit.

Soomer continues to be the fastest Honda rider of his class. He is generally satisfied with the Superpole P 10. He rode his fastest laps alone without any help from the tailwind of others. He believes that in tomorrow's race he might be able to shed another 0.3 seconds from the laptime in the tailwind and wants to fight for a position in the top 10.

The weather today in Aragon was dry but cold (the track 16 and air temperature 12 degrees). Tomorrow a lot depends on the tyre choice – to be able to use the soft tyre the track needs to be at least 25 degrees, otherwise a harder tyre has to be chosen.