Hannes Soomer, “Today was a great day, and not only for me”


Just as every low tide is followed by a high tide, Hannes Soomer had a big smile on his face after Race 2 of the Argentinean WSSP round, because yesterday's decision ended in P4 in Sunday's competition.

"I could try to grab all the credit for myself," Hannes smiled at the finish, "But the team leader made the right choice yesterday and I didn't recognize my bike today. Quite another beast during both accelerations and overtaking, and in the end we were 20 seconds faster than yesterday! In the first few laps I was still a bit shaky myself, but in the last fifteen I was more than a second faster than myself yesterday.”

The good progress is also confirmed by the fact that the representative of Kallio Racing, who started from P12, turned out to be the racer, who collected more scalps of his fellow competitors (read: gained the most positions). "I got off to a good start and fortunately I managed to get through the chaos in the first turn (read: the crash of several competitors) as well. Then it took me almost two laps to adjust, after which I continued at an increasing pace. Especially in the last laps, when the tires of my fellow competitors were already worn out, I managed to turn it to my maximum advantage. Today was a great day and not only for me, but for the whole team and our supporters.”

But what happens next? "First we come home to relax and train. We will wait for what will be decided about the last round and then set a further action plan. But we will be much hungrier for the next races than before."