Hannes Soomer partners up with TCX Boots Estonia


The World SSP rider Hannes Soomer (Kallio Racing) is using racing boots provided by TCX Boots Estonia in the coming season.

„I am glad to start using TCX racing boots this year,“ said Hannes Soomer. „After the last season's ankle injury keeping my feet safe is highly important for me. This is the reason why we were looking for the best possible protection for this year. TCX is one of the best in the world of racing boots and I am glad to let my feet be protected by TCX gear. I am thankful for the cooperation of TCX Boots Estonia.“

This Friday Soomer left for Australia where the 2020 season starts with the last test before races. „It is the usual feeling of the 1st of September out here, everyone is happy and everyone is loaded with energy,“ Soomer described the mood in the team pit box.

„On Sunday we were setting up gear and made a plan for Monday so that we could finally start working. On Monday and Tuesday we will have two 2-hour test sessions on both days. On Wednesday and Thursday there will be no riding and on Friday the racing weekend will start as usual.“

The World SSP Championship series starts on February 28 on Phillip Island in Australia. The 13 Round series will close on October 11 in Argentina.

Team Hannes Soomer wishes all the supporters happy Independence Day!