Hannes Soomer fought to P11 from the end of the starting grid


This weekend, the Circuit Racing World Championship carousel is visiting Italy, and the final result of Race 1 in the World SSP class was more than dramatic. The top three were only separated by a hundredth of a second at the finish line, but Lorenzo Baldassarri (Yamaha) had to relinquish his first place to Dominique Aegerter (Yamaha) after the race because his trajectory in the last corner was too broad and therefore got into the restricted area on the other side of the curb. P3 was taken by Nicolo Bulega (Ducati), who led the lion's share of the race, but due to a small mistake, he was forced to be passed both Yamaha "customers" two laps before the end of the race.

Stefano Manzi finished in P5 in the Triumph camp and Hannes Soomer finished in P11, but the Estonian started the race in 27th place and regained 16 positions during the race. "After the qualification, I felt a huge sense of disappointment," Hannes admitted after the first race. "On Friday, we started trying out new solutions to get more grip on the rear wheel, but we got lost in the process and the result was a bike that was two seconds slower than the others when I was riding on the edge. Of course, the qualification also was a flop and I decided to go to the race with the settings that worked in Assen because this was the last time I felt comfortable riding the bike.”

And although according to Soomer, the first five laps were lost getting to know the bike again and restoring confidence, Soomer, who started from the ninth row, started to move forward. He managed to get ahead of as many as seven competitors at the start, and although there were some advances during the race thanks to retired riders, most of the "scalps" were earned in honest competition. "The race was combative and there were so many touchy situations, but I managed to get through them cleanly. I haven't started that far back in a while, and hopefully, I won't have to do it any time soon. On Sunday we will also go to the track with the Assen setting and hopefully will have a much better day ahead.”