Hannes finished the second WSSP round on P10


Hannes Soomer (MPM WILSport Racedays) finished the second WSSP round today in Thailand on the 10th position and earned his first 6 Championship points this season.

In the warm-up this morning Soomer ran the fastest lap right in the beginning of the session, but showed the 12th result altogether, being 1,320 seconds slower than Randy Krumenacher who clocked the fastest lap.

„We could repair the electrical valve that was not working and bothered us the whole weekend last night,“ said Soomer. „In one plug two wires were interchanged, but we lost a lot of time and energy to find this out. This meant that in the morning we went on track with a totally new engine and made some big changes in the electronics before the race.“

Soomer was battling for places near the top ten in the race that took place in 35 degree heat. He passed the Belgian Loris Cresson several times, but the latter regained his 9th position each time.

„Considering the circumstances we gave our maximum,“ Soomer summarized the race weekend. „In Segment 3, the only segment with turns, I was second, which means that my riding is competitive. But on the long straights and in the eye-to-eye battle the motorcycle does not afford for more.“ Cresson and the other members of the Kallio team have such good engines that enabled Cresson to slipstream him each time.

„We have a clear picture of the situation and have to work from there,“ describes Soomer the team's path forward.